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Exhibition Tito in Africa – Picturing Solidarity

Collaboration between researchers on the project Socialism Goes Global of the University of Exeter and the Museum of Yugoslavia


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International Project Beznacionalnost/ NationLESS

from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

International Project Beznacionalnost/ NationLESS




11.00 – a performance by Angeliki Avgitidou, (gathering in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History and visiting a sculpture by Vojin Bakić- "A Call to Uprising")  


12.00-12.30 – Information about the Museum of Yugoslav History and the introduction of participants and guests 

12.30-13.30 – Tour of the exhibition held at the Museum of Yugoslav History and a live writing of works

13.30-14.00 – Joint lunch

14.00-14.30 – Poetic block in Tito’s garden (guests singer songwriters)

14.30-16.00 – Presentations of the written works and discussions (gallery)

16.00-17.00 – Introduction to the presentation (cinema hall)

17.00-18.30 - Slobodan Karamanić: Yugoslav Revolutionary Subjectivity: People ≠ State

"Yugoslav Surrealism/ Yugoslav Surnationalism: The Roots of the Vision of the People’s Liberation Struggle", by Ivana Momčilović, playwright (Brussels, Belgrade)


18.30-19.00 – Poetic block 2 in Tito’s garden

19.00-20.00 - Discussions (cinema hall)


The international partnership project Beznacionalnost/NationLESS of the Institute of Social Sciences Skopje (Skopje), the University of Macedonia -former School for Theory and Industrial studies( Thessaloniki),  Edition Yugoslavia (Belgrade) will be presented at the Museum of Yugoslav History on 20 June 2015, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.  

The project gathers artists and theoreticians who question the idea of the identitarian signifier nation. 

The day-long project consists of an exhibition of works, screening of film fragments, polyphonous reading of thematic poetry and the interventions of participants from Skopje, Thessaloniki, Belgrade and the region. 

The period after 5 p.m. is reserved for the interventions of Edicija Jugoslavija collective: Yugoslav Revolutionary Subjectivity: People ≠ State, by theoretician Slobodan Karamanić (Zrenjanin, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Munich), followed by the short presentation of a talk which will be fully  persented in Skopje:Yugoslav surrealism/ yugoslav surnationalism: eyesight root of People Liberation strugle, by Ivana Momčilović, playwriter (Brisel, Beograd).



About the Beznacionalnost/NationLESS project 

“Workers have no fatherland. We cannot take from them what they do not have. - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, from the Communist Manifesto

 Taking into account the primordial violence that lies at the heart of each politics of identity, which in order to "include" someone, always excludes someone else, the Belgrade variation of the Beznacionalnost/ Nationless project  held on the route Skopje-Thessaloniki-Belgrade, calls for the conceptualization of the horizon that could be thought as exceeding the mono-identitarianconcept of the bourgeois Nation-State, offering a refracting perspective of "the street and the backyard" of contemporary identities.

 Trying to think the possibility of emancipation through and outside the framework of national awakening waves of the bourgeois State (19th century), this project raises the question of relevance of an identitarian void. Can the concept of a void which in astrophysics represents matter par-excellence become the starting point of a new materialistic fiction of an emancipating supra-identity, a conceptual “split” that would bridge, by an uncertain balance at the beginning, the discrepancy caused by rhythmical convulsions of correlate belonging:  national and nationalistic, identitarian and atavistic; restricting and always segregationistically dividing? What would this new step be? Word, image, movement are given to the poets, theoreticians and visual artists of the region.

Edition Yugoslavia and the Škart Group as conveners of the Belgrade gathering focus on the example of Yugoslav exceeding of European "modernist" aspirations at the moment of creating a wide identity Yugoslavia in the National Liberation Struggle in 1941 and the example of poetics and politics of Yugoslav surrealists, calling on the participants and partners to present their local subjects of research.

Participants: Fotini TSIBIRIDOU, Professor of Social Anthropology,department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki; Iordanis Stylidis, assistant professor, University of Thessaly, dep. of architecure; Dr Ms Angeliki Avgitidou, Assistant Professor, University of Western Macedonia, School of Fine Arts, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Florina; Mariglen Demiri (philosopher), Skopje, Velimir Zernovski (artist), Skopje; Gjorgje Jovanovik (artist), Skopje; Kurs udruženje ( Belgrade); Doplgenger -Isidora Ilić & Boško Prostran (artists),  Belgrade;  Darinka Pop - Mitić ( artist) Belgrade, Svebor Midžić ( theoretician) Belgrade , Škart ( collective for architecture and poetry ), Belgrade; Slobodan Karamanić (theoretician) Munich, Ivana Momčilović ( playwriter) Belgrade- Brussels .....

With participations of: Snjezana Kordić, Miklavž Komelj,  Ivana Sidzimovska, Oskar Davičo, Ljubomir Jakić, Sezgin Boynik, MIna Henriksson, Nina Vurdelja...

To be continued....


I – another popular hatred unburied

                                       shallow in me.

Regardless of what name I respond to, I

The cursed heritage of ethnic cousins.

I – understanding the rainbow, that giraffe with a bended

Back of misunderstanding,

I – taking the form of the crowds that could be

Only people

Representing myself falsely as being of one, of the other

Nationality. I – who am all the undivided people

At the claws of the people,

At the fangs of nationalities,


To make wisdom what it is – man’s only

                                                 Nationality. Grow,

People, come to yourself, people; discover a possible



O. Davičo (from the selection entitled The Roof of A Storm, 2008, KOV, Vršac)

Oskar Davičo was a yugoslav poet ( part of groupe 13 of Yugoslav surrealists), revolutionary and communists.


Project is supported by BAC artngle - Balkans | Culture | Development